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Hotel Desk Check-In


Let Smart Automated Retail sell what sells leaving your firm to focus on "producing smiles through excellent hospitality service."

Welcome to the Smart Automated Retail Hotel & Resort
special offering 

Our vision for hotels and resorts is to automate all of retail to ease the cost of ownership and operations at no CAPEX or cost of implementation. Smart Automated Retail knows that retail is an amenity to your guests and not the focus of your business. Your business offers a service focused on best in breed protection from pandemics, clean comfortable quarters, and services to support business, events and family travel. Leave the retail to us.


Hospitality Trends Toward Automation

The spread of Covid-19 has boosted implementation of service robots in the hospitality industry as more consumers become more sensitive to risk of infectious disease from interpersonal interactions. Adoption of service robots could signal low interpersonal contacts, reduce perceived risk of virus transmission, which might in turn increase visit intention (Wan, Chan, & Luo, 2020)

Aloft’s butler robot

In 2014, Aloft Hotels became the first hotel brand to use robot technology, introducing A.L.O — robotic butler or Botlr — in its Cupertino location. The robot can travel the entire hotel to make deliveries. Its primary purpose was to surprise guest with room delivery.


Crowne Plaza’s delivery robot

Another early adopter of robot tech was the Crowne Plaza at its San Jose Silicon Valley location. The robot, called Dash, is all about delivering snacks, toiletries, and other hotel amenities. When called, Dash makes its way through the hotel, using a unique Wi-Fi connection. And to the surprise of many a guest, it then makes a phone call to announce its arrival. It can even monitor its own power usage and return to its charging point when needed.

Demand for Global Retail Automation Market Size & Share Will Surpass USD 26,540.2 Million Mark, at CAGR of 10.7% Growth By 2028 | Industry Trends, Value, Analysis & Forecast Report by Zion Market Research

Robot room service: While some hotels do away with room services entirely, others are turning it into a brand signature with a futuristic robot, like YOTEL’s YO2D2,  that does deliveries on demand.

Lobby grab-and-go: These self-service “markets” allow guests to quickly purchase F&B at a self-checkout, which saves on staffing costs and helps hotel outlets compete with supermarkets and quick-service restaurants. 

Wooden Reception Sign

SMART AUTOMATED RETAIL introduces the first ever artificial intelligence driven smart market in  a compact space. SMART AUTOMATED RETAIL can provide convenience store varietary for your clientele. 

  • More than 50 years of experience in airports, resorts, and hospitality brought to your business

  • Your customers favorite distilled beverages delivered via our unique automated digital retail platform.

  • Loss Prevention: Secure platform to sell high theft items

  • Automated inventory control communicates directly with appropriate distributors to predict when inventories will be low and out of any sku.

  • No employees needed

  • No theft

  • No cash

  • Release Waiver: SMART AUTOMATED RETAIL will deliver you a release waiver providing you legal cover for our business operations.

  • Lease/sub-lease agreement: We will offer you a lease consistent with your current location's terms.

  • Legal: Our legal team will work with your locations obtain operating permit at no cost to you.

  • Liquor license: we will obtain a local license for the location at no cost to you.

  • Store-within-a-store: SMART AUTOMATED RETAIL operates its business as a store within your premises no different than a restaurant or FedEx store.

Hotel Maids

Labor in Hotels

In August of 2021, 890,000 hospitality workers left their jobs, double the national average.


  • 58% of hospitality workers plan to leave their jobs


Do you really want your limited workers to be selling retail items?


Changing Towels

Benefits Your Hotel

  • customer satisfaction

  • lowered cost of operations

  • increased revenue

  • People buy more when they don’t have to ask a person.

  • Less work for your staff to perform

Hotel Room

Next Steps


  • Identify a lobby location where we can operate.

  • Identify the space you wish us to operate within.

  • If you are designing your next hotel we can lower your costs and automate/design your space for retail.

  • Identify all of the categories of products you'd like us to sell to your clientele. 

  • We will design an automated solution designed for your spaces at no cost and send to you for final approval.

  • Once approved we will invest in the cost to manufacture and install the solution. Note we will work with your team to implement any licenses needed at no cost to your business.

  • We will sign a lease and generate revenue for you with no fuss, headache or issues associated. 

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