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The Robot Revolution Has Begun

Hotels, grocery, airports, convenience stores, and restaurants are suffering an unprecedented loss of reliable entry level labor. In most markets as much 48% of positions remain open. These businesses need solutions and Smart Automated Retail is providing unattended retail systems and robot solutions to fill the gap. Robots are replacing human labor now. Smart Automated Retail has created a path for multiple large firms to make a smooth transition to solutions that reduce dependence on human labor. Smart Automated Retail has created a one of kind investment opportunity where investors can participate in the revolution, build wealth and assure generations to come. Be part of the future.

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Reinventing Retail & Restaurants 

Join the revolution

Hospitality is transitioning to unattended automated platforms and robots. Smart Automated Retail Network is leading this transition in hospitality, grocery, restaurants and airports and more. We are increasing per square foot revenue exponentially while the lowering total cost of operations.



Real-Time Analytics

High Speed

Machines are high-capacity, highly reliable industrial next generation proven technology currently used in airports around the world managing hundreds of thousands of transactions weekly.

24/7 Online

Hardware and software support. Hardware has remote management support. Issues requiring physical updates will be serviced within 

Partner App

See the real-time performance of your machine's locations. What are the most popular sku's, who are the buyers, B to C vs B to B buyers, and projected depletion refill date. Monitor distributor success.

The App

How the App Works



Real Time Data - info updated / refreshed every 15 minutes

All reports Date Range Driven

Total Sales

Sales by Item

Set Par levels

Refill Reports

#of screen interactions

Product graphic changes

Price Changes

Smart Automated Retail App
Smart Automated Retail App



Age of users

Sex of the user

Emotional Analytics

Smart Automated Retail App
About Us

Our Story

The future of retail and f&b will be run by artificial intelligence-driven robots.

We've built global networks our entire careers. We identified the need for highly available automated retail and food & beverage robots to service markets such as airports, spirits, cannabis and others. Our firm was recognized as an expert in the business and was asked to take on the largest group of grocery stores in the United States. Smart Automated Retail Network is positioned to build the largest automated retail and robot network in the world. 

Founder, CEO

Samuel Banks is a serial entrepreneur and inventor with a diverse background in retail, food and beverage, technology, and government markets. He is the founder of Affy Services, a company that delivers robots-as-a-service to support retail and F&B environments for faster and better service. With Affy Services, Mr. Banks has built a network of unattended retail to support retail and F&B environments.


Prior to starting Affy Services, Mr. Banks founded Moeda, a company that provided financial and technology services to emerging markets such as cannabis, CBD, international business, and development of automated payment gateways. Moeda quickly grew into a business servicing multiple clients managing half a billion+ in transactions.


Before Moeda, Mr. Banks founded ReachTV and quickly developed the airport growth strategy which enabled ReachTV to become the fastest growing television network in history, operating in 87+ airports in the United States and the United Kingdom. ReachTV was initially self-funded, and then capital partners were brought in to rapidly grow the business.


Prior to starting ReachTV, Mr. Banks owned and operated VANUS Consulting, a firm specializing in helping to develop business and synergistic opportunities in the airport, military, and international markets. Mr. Banks placed brands which led to exponential sales of brands such as Heineken, Grey Goose, Muscle Milk, Rockstar, Ciroc, and DeLeon Tequila. His firm developed public private partnerships with government agencies where commercial interests integrated with government objectives.


In addition, Mr. Banks managed the marketing and activation strategy for the video poker rollout in Illinois, successfully activating over 8,500 locations. Mr. Banks formerly designed, developed and deployed the 511 Sponsorship concessions program for the State of Georgia, which created advertising opportunities for local businesses and generated a revenue stream that saved more than 40+ state of Georgia jobs.


Mr. Banks formerly served as the Executive Vice President at Cadence Infrastructure, where he developed business alliances, developed the marketing strategy, driven the development of revenue creation solutions for government agencies and created synergistic connections for profitable business enterprises. In addition, Mr. Banks created alliances with the telecom sector, governmental agencies seeking new revenue, and technology solutions. He also built a successful Federal contracting business serving the United States Army Recruiting program support the March 2 Success program. In addition, Mr. Banks developed a top-secret C4 technology to support faster response and coordination between local authorities and Federal services.


In addition, Mr. Banks assisted former Nigerian President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to start the first KFC franchise in West Africa, which has become one of the top three successful markets of the brand. Mr. Banks' experience and expertise in the food and beverage industry was instrumental in the success of this venture.


With his varied background in working with airport concessionaires, franchise restaurants like Arby’s, government relationships, and advertising background, he brings value to clients and partners alike.

Strategic Partnerships, Operations and Integration

Mr. Swift has had a remarkable career as a civil servant, college professor, executive, management consultant, concessionaire, and advertising agent. He is widely recognized as a significant contributor to the success of what has long been known as the center of black wealth, political power, and culture – Atlanta.


During one of the city's most historic administrations, under Mayor Maynard H. Jackson, Mr. Swift served as the Director of the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and was later appointed as the Director of Procurement and Real Estate. In these roles, he implemented programs that led to record-setting participation of women and minority-owned businesses, creating a generation of inclusion and business ownership.


In 1994, Mr. Swift co-founded Business Traveler Services, Inc. (BTS), a minority-owned entertainment and business center and one of the first automated retail development companies in airports. The company has had a concessions presence in some of the country's most traveled airports, including LaGuardia, JFK, Raleigh-Durham, Kansas City International, Savannah Hilton Head International, and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.


Mr. Swift's Hartsfield-Jackson experience also includes serving as a Managing Partner of Airport Retail Management, LLC (ARM), which operated 14 locations, including Café Intermezzo, newsstands, BlackBerry (licensed/branded retailer), Apple retailer iTravel, B-iconic, Buckhead Market Place, Panda Veranda, and Savannah Candy Kitchen.


In 1994, Mr. Swift also formed Swift Services, Inc., which has consulted or provided advertising agency services for various companies, including Pepsi, XpresSpa, Savannah Candy Kitchen, Grey Goose, Empire Distributors, and Florida Space Coast.


Mr. Swift has been responsible for introducing several popular retail brands to the airport space, including Best Buy, Georgia Lottery, LVMH Benefit, InMotion Entertainment, and Kylie Jenner cosmetics. His commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive airport environment has been widely recognized and has had a lasting impact on the industry.


In addition to his other contributions, Mr. Swift has been responsible for generating more than $150 million in revenue over the course of his airport businesses. His innovative ideas and business acumen have helped to shape the airport retail industry, making it a more diverse and dynamic space for travelers.


Mr. Swift's success in the airport retail industry is a testament to his commitment to creating a more inclusive and dynamic airport environment. His efforts have had a significant impact on the industry and have helped to make the airport experience more enjoyable and convenient for travelers.


Mr. Swift received a Bachelor's Degree (cum laude) in Accounting from Central State University and an MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business, with a concentration in accounting and entrepreneurship. He has received several awards for his contributions to the airport retail industry, including being recognized as the "Best Airport Business Services Company" by the World Airport Retail Association and the "Best New Retail Concept" for the BlackBerry store by Airport Revenue News (now AXN).

Engineering and Development

In addition to his other achievements, Mr. Russo has also built and managed one of the largest vending networks in the Northeast, which covered eight states and primarily operated in Senior Care Facilities and sports facilities. This experience has given him a deep understanding of the vending and retail industry and has helped him to identify new opportunities and trends.


After selling his Vending and Micro-market company, Mr. Russo ventured into several new and exciting opportunities, including helping to create US Locker Systems, LLC. Along with a talented team of partners, he was involved in software development, hardware design, and nationwide marketing strategy for the company. He also formed DSR35 Consultants to work with several companies, including a nationally sold sunglasses company, to produce Unattended Retail Machines to distribute their respective products through various sales channels.


In addition, Mr. Russo has been responsible for assisting overseas technology companies in the development of manufacturing partners in the United States. With his diverse range of experience and expertise, Mr. Russo is well-positioned to help businesses streamline their operations and provide a convenient shopping experience for their customers.


1# per square revenue in the cosmetic category is LVMH Benefit and Kylie Jenner machine.
We are excited to make the shift to automated distribution of tablets and cell phones under the FCC's ACP program. This will enable us deliver to thousands of clients per day.

Vernell Woods, CEO Moolah Wireless

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